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Waterproofing 4 Less, LLC

Let us conduct a quick Flood Risk Assessment
by reviewing your Elevation Certificate

      a)  Square footage of crawlspace or enclosure(s)                      1,000    sq ft

      b)  No. of permanent flood openings in the crawlspace or
            enclosure(s) within 1.0 foot above adjacent grade                  5      

      c)  Total net area of flood openings in A8.b                                 210    

                        If the number in (c) is less than the number in (a), then
                          retrofitting flood vents in, will reduce your premium.
Waterproofing 4 Less, LLC is an Authorized Smart Vent Installer
On average Homeowners save up to 83% off their NFIP Flood Insurance Premium.  With flood premiums significantly increasing across the country due to NFIP Reform, now is the time to retrofit your home with ICC-ES Certified, FEMA Accepted Flood Vents.
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